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Red Ball 3

Tofu Ninja - Enjoy puzzle game where you are a Tofu Ninja at the Comfort of your Home !

Tofu Ninja is a puzzle fun game. Where you play not as Ninja, but a Tofu Ninja. Where you have to avoid spikes and getting killed by spikey objects. Adventures game which can be frustrating sometimes but really fun, hope you will enjoy it. Have fun & may the best ninja wins the race to get all shiney stars!

Controls of the Game

Controls in this game are quite simple. All you have to use is your keyboard and movement with W S A D - KEYS or just AROW - KEYS. So you need only your keyboard to move. Simple isn't it ?

Tips and Tricks to Play Red Ball 3

If you can't jump high enough, you can use double jump by pressing twice W or arrow UP

Avoiding spikes once you get good feeling of timing will save you alot of time and frustration

You'll have to time perfcetly to jump off and on moving platforms some will take you into the danger and some will take you out of it.

Grabbing Star on the screen will move you to the next lvl.

game review

Tofu Ninja is really fun puzzle adventures game. In which is your mission to avoid spikes and water. It's little kiddies game but don't let your hopes down, its still challenging and fun to play. Graphic aint that bad comparing its only few mb's game. But overall its awesome and fun game to play. Have fun and don't eat poor Tofu Ninja!