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Red Ball 3

Cactus Mccoy And The Curse Of Thorns - Enjoy wild west adventure at the Comfort of your Home !

Cactus Mccoy And The Curse Of Thorns is a lonely cowboy who had simple quest go get cactus-looking jewel for some cash to this guy. When he got into the cave he got cursed and turned him into walking cowboy looking cactus, but did prevent him from benign super cool or did it made him super stronger? Great adventures game where you fight against bandits who drop their weapons on your luck so you have to pick them up with cactus looking hands and show them who is fastest gun drawing cowboy on the west. Oh and Clock is your biggest enemy, watch out & have fun!

Controls of the Game

Arrow Keys = Move

A = Jump

S = Attack

Down Arrow key + A = Drop a level

Down Arrow key = Pick Up Weapon

Up Arrow key + S = Fire Weapon Up

D = Drop Weapon

Tips and Tricks to Play Red Ball 3

Achievements get tracked during the level, but resets at the end. Badges are tracked throughout the game and do not reset.

Keep hitting Cactus McCoy for more coins.

If you hold two movement keys to aim at an angle.

There is no way to regain health or gain extra lives. Use it wisely.

Every time you hit an Enemigo after after combat, there's a random chance he might drop his weapon. If you repeat this it will increase the odds of a weapon drop and also drops money.

Backtracking throughout the level and using this to keep track of specific weapons to beat challenges.

Each weapon has a badge tied to it, all involving beating a certain number of Enemigos.

If you hold a chicken while jumping will keep you in the air longer.

game review

Cactus Mccoy And The Curse Of Thorns is a really fun adventures game. You will like it alot if you like cowboys and wild west. Graphics aint that bad but if we look if thats only a flash game of few mb's it dosent matter. It's quite long so I am sureyou'll have alot of fun playing it. And its quite challanging since you cant regain your Health or get Extra lives. Have fun playing it!