4.2 out of 5 (based on 62 ratings)
Red Ball 3

Red Ball 3 - Enjoy adventure of bouncing ball at the comfort of your Home !

Red Ball 3 is latest the physics platform adventure game. Where you play as bouncing Red Ball who have to avoid bad guys with simple controls. You have to protect the world from being turned into the square bad guys. Avoiding to water, hazards enemies and tagging red flags so you have checkpoint once you fail. Really fun game, if you ever wondered how is to be bouncing ball this is a game for you.

Controls of the Game

You have pretty basic controls in this game. You can use W S A D keys to move or just AROW KEYS to move and jump through the game's fifteen levels. You don't need a Mouse, just working keyboard.

Tips and Tricks to Play Red Ball 3

If you can't reach stars or if you think u can't jump that far, use objects on the map and move them with your body in order to reach them.

Sometimes going straight into the ground level you can find hidden stars and treasures so dont hesitate

EVERY Object you see you can use it or either jump on it

If you press and hold W or Arrow UP you will jump longer

game review

Red Ball 3 is one of those game where the developer's drive for improvement and evolution really shines. The physics themselves are, generally, mostly reliable, though they can force you to be frustratingly precise in your angles and speed to get the most height and distance out of even simple jumps. Overall its really fun and good game, have fun !